The GEM System

They say "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and we agree.Our journey together begins when you license the GEM System for startup success.

This GEM System’s Five Steps

Altura Ventures has developed a proven system that helps startups and existing businesses succeed with their Growth, Engagement, and Monetization (GEM).

step 1

Analyze Your Product Vision

  • Evaluate your product positioning based on The 22 immutable Laws of Marketing.
  • Complete an Elevator Pitch template for your business/product/service.
  • Provide a tiered price list that can be used to shorten sales cycles and increase revenue.
  • Evaluate your product positioning based on The 22 immutable Laws of Marketing.

step 2

Coach You on the Principles of Influence

  • send you the Tracing Success Patterns: A Master Class in Persuasion materials.
  • Complete an Elevator Pitch template for your business/product/service.
  • share the 8 Essentials of a Successful Alliance and the Spectrum of Business Partnerships.
  • optimize the persuasive power of your Company's pitch deck slides.

step 3

Craft a Story Where Your Customer is the Hero

  • apply the StoryBrand Approach to your pitch deck, web site, and brand voice.
  • position your customer as a hero with a problem (i.e., external, internal, philosophical).
  • introduce your Company as the guide who understands their fear(s) and gives them a plan.
  • push adoption of the plan with a call to action that offers success if it is heeded and failure if not.

step 4

Persuade Investors to Fund Your Company

  • give you the How to Demo tips and organize your pitch to show your product demo first.
  • provide a phased fundraising chart and the instructions for how to use it.
  • add Lee Lorenzen as a "special advisor" to your Company (if this would be helpful).
  • participate in investor presentations with comments designed to get to a close.

step 5

Grow, Engage, and Monetize Your Customer Base

  • share the Wally Video to show the importance of working "on not in" your business.
  • design ways to use persuasion techniques to acquire, retain, and engage customers.
  • develop a marketing strategy and advertising approach that fits your budget.
  • create a data analytics model to measure and help optimize your customer acquisition cost.

Our Price List

We support entrepreneurs of all sizes based on a tiered price list because that way everyone can afford to work with us. We also offer outrageous guarantees at each tier of the price list. In this way, if we fail to deliver then you can recover your investment in us.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

License Fee

Monthly Fixed Fee

paid on 1st of each month




Initial Term in Months




Total Spend during Initial Term




Key Deliverables

Phased Fundraising Plan

target amount to be raised during initial term

$1 million



Tiered Price List

target increases in ARPU and MRR




Objectives and Key Results

target value to business per quarter




Outrageous Guarantee

Moneyback Percentage

% repaid if no deliverables met & no renewal




Reimbursement Amount

$ refunded if not fully satisfied




Some of our clients

What are the next steps?

We believe in you and expect that you will experience the everlasting dividends that come from investing in the lives of people.

To enjoy this legacy, you must act. Call or send us an e-mail to start your journey.

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