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Altura Ventures has developed a proven system that helps startups and existing businesses succeed with their Growth, Engagement, and Monetization (GEM).

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The Altura Academy offers a month-to-month program of customized classes for the CEO and up to 3 other members of the startup. These classes are focused on the specific challenges that each startup faces.

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Free Startup Consultation

With just one call to Altura Ventures, you will be on your way to getting the fuel you need for your idea to take hold in the market.

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The GEM System

We specialize in helping not only budding entrepreneurs, but also seasoned professionals to their next level of success.

step 1

Analyze Your Product Vision

Evaluate your product positioning based on The 22 immutable Laws of Marketing and help define a new category for your product.

step 2

Coach you on the principles of influence

Will be provided with materials and private group sessions teaching the power of influence and persuasion.

step 3

Craft a story where your customer is the hero

Apply the StoryBrand Approach to your pitch deck, website, and brand voice.

step 4

Persuade Investors to Fund Your Company

We’ll give you the How to Demo tips and organize your pitch to show your product demo first.

step 5

Grow, Engage and Monetize Your Customer Base

Design ways to use persuasion techniques to acquire, retain, and engage customers.

What is stopping you from turning your vision into reality?

What can we help you avoid?

For your vision to become reality, you need money/partners/customers to tell your story, build your product and launch it into the market.

The reality is that you live within arm's reach of folks who can give your vision wings but you may not know how to ask them for their help.

What are the benefits of Working with us?

Imagine a world where you’ve been successful in turning your vision into reality.

Think of how many more people will solve problems faster, experience more joy and live better lives because you acted on the opportunity in front of you.

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What are the next steps?

We believe in you and expect that you will experience the everlasting dividends that come from investing in the lives of people.

To enjoy this legacy, you must act. Call or send us an e-mail to start your journey.

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